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Latest Updates

Points Schemes & AI Support
August 7, 2023

You now have the ability to create a number of different points schemes to use throughout your league. Maybe you want to have one scheme for qualifying, and another for the race? Well, now, you can choose among those options even within a single season. Head to the Edit League page to get started.
We have also added a new point system called Field Size. This will allow you to define points per position up to a maximum field size.
Last but not least, SRH now fully supports uploading Online or Offline AI races! This will give you the opportunity to come up with new and exciting ways to use SRH in your league or career.

Loop Stats Now Available
March 10, 2023

The main change for this release is the addition of Loop Stats, similar to those available in NASCAR. Now, for race events, you have access to a whole array of new statistics including Driver Rating, Average Running Position, Quality Passes, and more. Head on over to your Customize Results page and check them out. In the future, we plan to use some of these new stats to allow for bonus points as well as extend the stats pages to include these new stats.

Bug Fixes & Standings Exports
February 24, 2023

You are now able to export driver or team standings with whatever columns you have set up through your customization. Additionally, you can now export your standings in a format that will easily import into SDK.

New Uploader Formats
January 18, 2023

We have changed the uploader to now work through the native API (results/league must not be restricted) or alternatively through the JSON export file. We still allow for HTML uploads, but you will need to change the File Type on the uploader to use this legacy option.

Several Updates and Bug Fixes
October 10, 2022

Drop Races - You can now edit your point settings to reflect drop weeks/races as opposed to the old Keep Weeks format. You can read more about it on the site, but you’ll need to define a minimum number of races to keep and a maximum number of races to drop. You can find this setting under Season > ADMIN: Edit Point Settings.
Featured League Logos – Featured League admins can now update their logos directly from the League Edit page. Logos are limited in file size and must be .png format. Uploading anything inappropriate will result in your league no longer being featured and a possible ban from the site.
Results Points Edit – Fixed a bug where you could not edit the race points if they were already 0.
League URL – Fixed a bug that caused the League URL to be reformatted incorrectly.
Race Result Driver Links – Fixed a bug that didn’t show the link to the driver’s stats from the Race Results page.